We manufacture and supply

Insulated Steel Doors, Insulated FRP doors, Fire Doors (Both Wooden & Steel), Studio Doors, PUF & EPS Sandwich Panels, Rigid PUF ( Polyurethane Foam) Slabs & Pipe Sections, Canopy / Acoustical Enclosures, Fire Retardant Hessian, Insulated Glass Etc. This firm also undertake jobs of Thermal ( Hot & Cold) & Acoustic Treatment on contract basis under the name & style of M/s. ISO-TECH ENGINEERS. We have the experience to work for Both indigenous and multinationals both in INDIA & Foreign Countries.
Item wise detail of manufacturing
  1. Manufacturing of POLYURETHANE SLABS / PIPESECTIONS having density 32kg/ m3 to 40 kg / m3 of desired thickness conforming IS- 12436—1988. You are requested you please place the enquiry for PUF in favour of our associated manufacturing unit M/S COLD CHAIN CONCEPT. Directly .Some of our credentials and product literature are attached herewith for ready reference.
  2. Manufacturer of FIRE RETARDANT HESSIAN CLOTH( Which will be used as vapour barrier of cold insulation specially on pipelines/ tanks/ equipment etc.
  1. Supplier of EPS SLABS (THERMOCOLE) / PIPE SECTIONS having density 10 kg/ m3 to 40kg/m3 of desired thickness conforming to IS—4671
  2. Suppliers of LIGHTLY RESIN BONDED MINERAL WOOL MATTRESSES having density 100 kg/m3 to 200 kg/m3 backed with one side GI WIRENETTING of desired thickness conforming to IS—8183. Resin Bonded pipe sections having density 144 kg/m3 conforming to IS 9843.
  3. Apart from above we are dealing with all kinds of ancillaries materials like blown grade bitumen; FRP Tissue, Aluminum Sheets/ Foils etc.

We are having groups of skilled and semi-skilled workers headed by vastly experienced and highly qualified engineers.